How can I find out more information about Datus?

What makes Datus distinctive?

Is Datus known for academic strength in a particular area?

How do Datus students perform on standardize testing?

What colleges do Datus students attend?

Is the athletic program at Datus strong?

What is the arts program at Datus like?

Does Datus have before-school and after-school care options?

Are there transportation or carpooling options available?

Is Datus safe?

  • The safety of your child is the priority of Datus and we are proud of our safe and secure campus. In addition to 24/7 security, all staff and students are frequently trained on emergency procedures, and close relations with police and fire departments lead to quick response times.


Applying to Datus

Where is the admissions office?

What is required to apply?

What is the application timeline like?

Where can I find the boarding kit for aspiring boarders?

How old does my child need to be to attend Datus?

How should I prepare my child for testing, interviewing or being observed?

  • The best way to prepare your child for testing, interviewing or being observed is to remind them to do their best and be themselves. For applying PreK-3rd students, the observation is also designed to get to know your child. Your child should be prepared to listen carefully and follow instructions in a classroom environment with a few teachers. For applying 4th-12th graders, the interview is designed to get to know their interests, so encourage them to be honest about what excites them.