Here are reasons that students and families have benefited from joining the Datus International communities.

  • Ghana has many independent schools that provide a challenging college preparatory education, but our small, friendly classes gives our students the opportunity to challenge themselves academically, socially, and physically.
  • Datus International school has a great history (since 1962) and is the only traditional boarding school, with a college preparatory curriculum.
  • The boarding school at Datus allows you to meet students from every pocket of the planet.
  • The boarding school at Datus is for students who want to succeed, want interesting classes, fascinating teachers, lifelong friends, and fun activities.
  • Day students in boarding schools are students who dream about making friends from diverse backgrounds and cultures.
  • The Datus International School Learning Experience promotes 5 essential intelligence and learning elements: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM); Global experience; Environmental responsibility; Wellness Intelligence and Giving to others.
  • We have enrolled students from all over the world including, but not limited to, China, Korea, England, France, South Africa, Congo, France, Pakistan, India, Syria, Lebanon, Germany, The Netherlands and many other surrounding countries of Ghana such as , Togo, Benin, Burkina Faso, Niger, Liberia, Senegal, Nigeria, Cote D’Ivoire, Guinea, Libya and many more.
  • International students find that English support courses also provide individual attention for optimal success.
  • We offer guided access to online courses for students who are interested in learning opportunities not available in our curriculum.
  • Beyond teaching the curriculum itself, Datus teachers are passionate about teaching students how to employ reasoning, organization, critical thinking and curiosity.
  • Students use their choice of laptops, and 90% of all books and learning materials are in eBook or electronic format. We use technology like iPads, laptops, interactive technologies, electronic projectors and appropriate software to enhance students’ individualized learning, recognizing that students have direct access to information sources.
  • Datus International School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or national or ethnic origin in the administration of its employment practices, educational practices, admission policies, scholarship and loan programs, and athletic or other school-administered programs.

Benefits of Boarding

Given the mission of Datus International School and the students we serve, families in our community enjoy several benefits of boarding.

  • There are few schools in Ghana with a college preparatory academic program that provides small, friendly classrooms that inspires students to challenge themselves academically, socially, and physically.
  • The program allows for more consistent, organized and structured days, in which there is a close accountability for both personal and study habits and the completion of homework. Faculty supervise evening study halls to give students the time and focus to do their work.
  • In some cases, parents have become frustrated as they try to impose schedules and standards. Boarding removes the parent from the day-to-day supervision and provides a more objective situation.
  • For students who enjoy athletics and other extracurricular activities, the program allows for designated times for the activities while consistently upholding the academic emphasis.
  • International students learning English benefit from being immersed in the English language and the Ghanaian culture. Ghanaian students enjoy the benefits of knowing students from other countries and cultures.
  • Students learn to live in a community with their peers by helping keep their rooms, halls, restrooms, and common areas neat and clean. Areas of student leadership are afforded through the student prefect program.
  • Planned weekend activities utilize these important resources that enhance a student’s living.

What to Expect as a DIS Boarding Student

Wake Up

The morning faculty team awakens students, with the exceptions of juniors and seniors, who are responsible for setting their own alarms. Students make their beds, take a shower, shave (facial hair is not permitted), brush teeth, dress in the proper uniform, straighten up their rooms, gather their books and materials, and perform other routine tasks.


All boarders must check in prior to departing in our dining facility. At all meals, students should exhibit good table manners and common courtesies. Once they have completed their meals, they are to clean their tables and return their trays to the counter.

After breakfast, students report to the gym or courtyard, where they may visit with other students, or go to the classrooms where teachers may be available for assistance.

School Hours

Boarders do not return to their dorm rooms during the day. They lock their drawer and their rooms and take with them all items needed for school.


Boarders eat during one of two lunch periods with day students, faculty and staff. Students have the option of eating indoors, outside in the courtyard, or on our outdoor bistro.

After School

At the end of the school day, students then report to the gym to change for a team sport or after school activity. All boarders must participate in some form of afterschool activity. After the afternoon physical activities, the students return to the dormitory after 4:30pm to relax, make telephone calls, watch television, and prepare for dinner.


All boarding students are required to attend all meals. At dinner, they will eat with resident faculty and Residential Life staff. Dinner is a community time to enjoy each other’s company and hear evening announcements. The students recognize their peers who have birthdays.

Parents often arrange for a special cake or pizza for their sons or daughters on their birthdays. The resident life staff will gladly assist parents with special plans or orders. A parent should call the Director of Resident Life at least one week before a student’s birthday if the parent wishes to order a special cake, pizza, etc. Throughout the year and at various holiday periods, the food service staff also plans theme or special dinners.

Evening Supervised Study/Prep

Except for Fridays and Saturdays, each night includes supervised study periods in which students report to their rooms or the designated study hall to complete homework assignments.

Students must have study materials with them during this time. Resident Faculty are available for guidance and assistance. The boarder will be encouraged to go to the teacher the next morning before class begins if they have questions about any assignment.

After supervised study, students will have time to relax before bed.


There are separate dorms for all ages. Dorm sizes ranges from 6 occupants to 12 occupants per room depending on square feet of rooms managed by Dorm Prefects.

The boarding curriculum encourages students to take advantage of the cultural, educational, historical, and recreational activities afforded in the community. The resident life faculty plans weekend outings to various venues as well as to local shops for students to purchase needed items. A goal of the curriculum is to have students doing a variety of activities.


Activities are usually planned for Friday evening, Saturday afternoon, and Sunday afternoon. The cost of these activities are included in the cost of tuition. Weekend activities include professional and college sporting events such as football, basketball, baseball, and soccer games; cultural activities such as professional theatre productions, movies, museums, musical performances; visits to historical sites; and various recreational activities. Students also have recreational activities at school such as viewing movies, free time in the recreation room, and physical activities.


Sunday: Boarders Return to Campus

Any boarders who leave campus for the weekend must arrive and sign in by 6:00 p.m. on Sunday in the student commons (or otherwise designated location). Students must report in neat, casual attire. Parents and hosts are to anticipate traffic in making plans to return to campus.

In emergency or other situations, parents or hosts should call the school to notify the school of the late arrivals.

Food Services

Datus Dining Hall is known for its well-balanced, nutritional, and delicious food service. Certified food caterers provide dining services, which caters breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and special events

The Caterers take pride in serving our students cage-free eggs, organic vegetables, and only meats that are steroid and antibiotic free. We serve all fresh foods. No frozen meals or processed foods are served to our school family.

Each meal provides a nutritionally balanced variety of foods. Students can choose a hot entrée and sides.

Accommodations can be made for anyone wishing to join us in the dining hall.

Our food service staff works with students who have food allergies or dietary needs. Please communicate through our Medical Services office,, if your child has any special food considerations.