Student Advisors

Student Advisors

A career is not just an occupation,a job or a profession, the meaning transcends these. A career is the sequence of work related positions a person occupies throughtout life (Mathis 1997)

Duane Brown states that knowing one’s abilities, intrests, values and goalsm, a broad knowledge of the world of work puts you in a better position in choosing a career.


  1. SELF-ASSESSMENT: Gather information about youself. Interestd, values, roles, skills and aptitudes.
  2. EXPLORE OPTIONS: Explore the occupation in which you are intrested
  3. DECIDE A MATCH: Choose among the alternatives the occupation that matches youth strength
  4. ACTION: Take steps in other to reach your goal by getting the resources needed in the area of information. To make wise career decisions and plans,the individual needs as much information as possible. The more you know about yourself and the career opportunities, the more you will be able to choose a satisfying career.


  1. THE NATURE OF THE WORK: Some jobs chiefly involve working with things and other mainly requires dealing with people, others skills requires the use of special skills.
  2. WORKING CONDITIONS: The environment in which a particular job is performed.
  3. SPECIAL ABILITIES REQUIRED: Some career requires more brain than brawnj and vice versa. Some jobs call for more aptitudes, artistics talent or other abilities.

The most important aspect in choosing a career is, knowing YOU.


The person’s natural talent or ability

SCHOLASTIC APTITUDES: those who have tend to succeed in school more than those who do not

NUMERICAL REASONING APTITUDE: These are those who like playing with numbers. They can become very good in mathematics related jobs.

MECHANICAL REASONING APTITUDE: these have intrest in working with tools.

VERBAL REASONING APTITUDE: These individuals like playing with words and therefore it’s easy for them to read.

ABSTRACT REASONING APTITUDE: These individuals like playing with symbols and images; they tend to do well in arts or crafts.

Apart from the aptitude, the other ares to consider in choosing a career are interest, personal characteristics and values.

We Will be discussing into details these other areas in our next edition.

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